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The Czech students visit us in Ozorków

From left: Aneta Szczepaniak, Agnieszka Jabłońska, dyr. Krystyna Pawlak, Miroslava Borovcova, dyr. Ewa Skrupska

On 6th-8th October 2010 fifteen students and two teachers from the Czech Republic visited us in our school. The visit took place because we are taking part in the eTwinning project called “Do You Speak The Same English?” We are doing this project because we want to compare the ways we speak English, our accents and our typical mistakes.
The Czech students wanted to meet our students in person. On Wednesday evening, both Polish students and Czech students presented Power Point presentations about our countries, towns and schools. They showed us their national dance, which is the Polka dance. Our special guest was Mariusz Lewandowski, who is the World Champion in traditional karate. On Thursday we went to the Primavera factory where we saw the production assembly line of bottled water. Then we went to Palmiarnia, which is the Greenhouse in Łódź and to Manufaktura, witch is a shopping centre. In the evening there was a disco, where we danced “La Bomba”. Friday was a school day. We took part in an English lesson and we had a sport competition and fitness classes. The Czech students could taste some fruit (in was a Fruit Day) and we could try their traditional bread.
We had a great time during this visit. We spoke English, we slept at school and met new friends. The Czech students invited us to the Czech Republic. Maybe we will go there in spring. We hope, we will be able to visit our new friends.

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